#donghae #cute #kpop #superjunior #sexy  TE AMO VIDA TE AMO HAE  (tomada con Instagram en Seul korean cuisine)

#donghae #cute #kpop #superjunior #sexy TE AMO VIDA TE AMO HAE (tomada con Instagram en Seul korean cuisine)

٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶~Happy Birthday to the most incredible, talented artist with an exceptionally beautiful, kind heart KWON JIYONG~٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶

There hasn’t been a day where i don’t think about you. You truly are always in my mind. you are like my personal endorphins i get so happy when i think about you. Your perfection makes me go cray cray and i wouldn’t change anything about you!! I love you. I love your beautiful, bashful smile. I love your passion for music. I love your determination to try your best at everything you do. I love how extremely hard working you are. I love how dorky and playful you are. I love how you can go from being cute to sexy mofo instantly. I love your confidence swag on stage and how humble you are off stage. I love your sexy voice and your sensual raps.The list could go on but it would take me the whole year to write out everything i love about you so i will just keep the rest of how i feel about you in my heart. KWON JIYONG you are very special to me <3333 and will always and forever remain a place in my heart. 

Hope you have a wonderful birthday cos you really deserve nothing but the best. I wish you health, wealth and happiness!!! Thank you for being YOU!! ()xxx


10-16/100 edits of Gorgeous Hae

ABC’s with Lee Donghae: M-Mr. Hedgehog